Sushi bar Appetizers


Steamed Monkfish liver with ponzu sauce


Tako Wasabi

Marinate raw octopus in spicy wasabi sauce


Tuna Tartare

Lean tuna topped with quail egg, black, red, green tobiko


Yellowtail Jalapeno Appetizer

Thin slice yellowtail topped with diced jalapeno, onion, cilantro, yuzu sauce


Shiro Maguro Tataki

Thin slice escolar topped with ginger, scallion, spiced radish, with ponzu sauce


Salmon Carpaccio

Thin slice seared salmon with ginger, scallion, with olive oil


Lotus Salmon

Salmon tartare, radish and avocado, with layu ponzu sauce


Tuna Kobachi

Mix diced tuna cube with spicy sauce, topped with masago, scallion



Sliced octopus, white fish, kani, shrimp, mackerel and cucumber in wasabi vinaigrette sauce


Lobster Tuna Roll

Tuna wrapped spicy lobster, served with avocado puree topped with flying fish roe & gold flake


Four Season

Individually seasoned salmon, tuna, yellowtail and eel on top crispy rice


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